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Access Control Committee  


Security Gate:  284-6813
Green Cove Springs Police: 529-2220
Police Administration: 297-7300
Life or death situation - call 911

Committee Chairperson:
Jon Bastress



We welcome residents' comments and suggestions. Please direct them to Jon Bastress Access Control chair at jonbastress@gmail.com.




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As a result of living within a limited access community, Magnolia Point residents enjoy a high level of comfort in knowing that road access is restricted. Additionally, the Green Cove Springs Police routinely patrol inside the gates to ensure that our traffic laws are obeyed and to provide a visual presence on a random basis. We are also a "Crime Watch" community. Nevertheless, like any community, Magnolia Point is not totally immune to petty crime. Accordingly, each resident should do his or her part to ensure that Magnolia Point remains the safe place to live that it always has been.

Gate Security:

A major element in providing the community security is to control access to the property. The Association contracts vehicle access control to a professional security company. This contract provides 24/7 manned operation of the front gate and limited (7:00am-3:00pm, M-F) manned monitoring of the new back gate call box.

MPCA has also purchased and installed monitoring and control equipment to support the security company in its access control responsibilities. This equipment includes 24-hour video surveillance and recording equipment at both gates with the capability to monitor and record both driver and car license plate information.

All visitors must seek and gain access through the front gate and be authorized by a resident, or builder, or have a scheduled tee time prior to being allowed to pass. The gate security force should be notified in advance of incoming visitors or contractors. Call the security gate at 284-6813.

Both the front and rear property gates are normally closed and can be opened only by the gate officers or residents with gate clickers.  Each resident has the ability to purchase gate control clickers to allow car entry into either front or back gates (Click on request form below). The sales of these clickers are limited. They are issued only to residents and are individually numbered and controlled. All residents are responsible for the units and must be careful with their distribution to third parties. The loss of a clicker can be handled by notifying the front gate.

Gate Entrance Authorization Policies and Procedures

The gate staff will not allow entry to the property by anyone not authorized. All visitors must seek and gain access through the front or back gate (limited hours) and be authorized by a resident, builder, or have a scheduled tee time. There are several methods for guests and vendors to be allowed access to Magnolia Point.

Permanent List. Each family is allowed to provide a list of people who are to be allowed access on a 24-hour basis and a list of people who are allowed access only during business hours (7:00am to 6:00pm), Monday through Friday, and 8:00 to3:00pm on Saturday.

Call-In. The gate should be notified in advance to authorize entry for expected visitors or contractors. The resident is called to approve entry if visitors show up at the front gate that are not included on the prior notification list. The visitor is not allowed entry if the homeowner does not answer the phone in this case.  Note: the call-ins are not carried over to the next day unless specifically requested by the resident. Advance authorization may be made up a week in advance.

Special Access Times. There are also several events authorized by the community which allow open access to the community. Garage sales are allowed twice a year. The dates for the garage sales are the last Saturday in April and the first Saturday in October of each year. Open Houses are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm only.  Estate Sales may be conducted by the owner or agent providing the appropriate data to ensure that the Gate can control access is supplied. More information on Garage Sales, Open Houses and Estate Sales.

Since the gate staff are only responsible for gate access control activities, they do not patrol or respond to calls. If you see something or someone unfamiliar or out of place, please call the police (529-2220).

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