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Architecture Review Committee

Committee Chairperson:

John Weidner





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For general information please call Karen Gowen, Property Manager at 904-362-0023. Karen is also on site and is located in the Exit Realty building, upstairs and to the left. Her office hours are 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday.

This committee approves plans and specifications for additions and/or modifications of existing homes. All new construction must be reviewed by the Association Architect. Please contact our CAM (Community Association Manager) for application instructions. To maintain a community of the highest quality in which all improvements are harmonious in architectural design and aesthetic appearance, the Community Association has the exclusive power and discretion to control and approve all improvements placed on any lot.


Do you have plans for a fence, a pool or an addition? Are you changing your landscaping, or house color? Would you like to add play equipment or a basketball backboard? If so, you'll need to submit an Architecture Review Committee Design Review Application.


Click here for a printable copy of the Architectural Review Committee Design Review Application



The following excerpts from the Community Handbook of Covenants and Guidelines do not represent the Association’s Architectural Guidelines in their entirety. The Association’s Governing Documents always take precedence over this representation and the Community Handbook of Covenants and Guidelines itself.


1. Improvements to Houses and Grounds

Plans and Specifications: No paved area, fence, wall, shrubbery, building, or any other structure or thing shall be placed or maintained upon any lot, nor shall any exterior addition, change, including change in exterior colors, or alteration be made to existing improvements thereon until detailed plans and specifications of the same, prepared by a duly licensed architect, engineer, landscape architect, or other similarly qualified professional, are submitted to and approved in writing by the Community Association as to the harmony of the external design, compliance with the terms of the Governing Documents, and location in relation to surrounding structure and topography. Plans for improvements should be submitted to the Community Association Manager. Please call the Association Office at the above email address.

Approval: The Association shall have the absolute right to approve or to refuse approval of any plans, which in its opinion, are not suitable, desirable, or compliant.


Approval Process (New Construction): Applications for improvements must include TWO complete sets of plans, furnished by the contractor. One set will be retained in the files and ONE returned. Plans should include all elevations and materials to be used. The review fee for planned additions is $350.00.

2. Fences, Hedges and Walls:

General information:

  • The location, composition and height of any fence, hedge or wall shall be subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee (ARC) which may grant or withhold such approval at its discretion
  • All fences must be approved by the ARC, and then be properly permitted by the City of Green Cove Springs before installation.
  • All fences will be required to be installed with the "good" or "finished side" of the fence facing away from the residence installing the fence so the neighbors are looking at the good or finished side. This meets the City code requirements of Green Cove Springs.
  • Fence plans must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval.  Two copies of the site plan showing the location of the fence must be included with the submission.  The manufacturer, style, and color of the fence must be indicated on the submittal form. Wooden shadow box fence applications must include the dimensions of the components. Pictures of the fence are helpful and avoid misunderstandings.
  • All solid walls shall be constructed with brick, stucco, or natural stone on all exposed surfaces. Walls must be capped with brick, stone or precast concrete.
  • No hedge or wall is permitted along any part of a lot line along the Golf Course.  
  • No fence, hedge or wall shall be installed higher than six feet from the normal surface of the ground.
  • Only one style fence will be permitted on a single lot.
  • No back to back fences. If a fence is in place, another fence may be connected to it, but no fence may be installed to run parallel to it.
  • Chain link fences are prohibited.
  • All fences must be maintained in good condition at all times
  • If a fence cannot be maintained to community standards (as determined by the REC), it must be removed.  If a fence is to be replaced, a new application must be submitted to the ARC for approval. The replacement fence must be one of our current styles before it will be considered for approval by the ARC.

Styles of fences to be installed in Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club:

  • Black Aluminum:
  • Open style 4 foot or 4 ½ foot  height
  • Top of fence must be a horizontal  rail with no spikes above the rail
  • All Wood Shadowbox Design:
  • 6 foot height
  •  All wood shadowbox fencing will have a natural finish and will be constructed with vertical slats measuring a minimum of 5/8-inch-thick x 5 1/2 inches wide x maximum 72 inches tall. The horizontal members shall be a minimum of 3 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches. The post shall be a minimum of 3 1/2 inches’ x 3 1/2 inches’ x 96 inches in length. All wood fence components must be fastened with galvanized nails (not staples).
  • Upon installation – the fence must be stained with a natural wood color and sealed.
  • Vinyl Shadowbox Design:
  • 6 foot height
  • Color choice of tan, beige or khaki.

Location of fences:

  • Hedges, fences or walls may not be built or maintained except within the rear interior side lot lines and no closer to the front of the lot than the rear line of the main residence nor, when the residence is situated on a corner lot, closer to a side street than the line of the main residence abutting such side street. (3.7; 2.2).  Fences will begin from the rear corners of the home, and extend to the left or right to the property line.  Then extend along the side property line to the rear property line, and across the rear property line, thereby, enclosing the entire backyard.  Lots that back up to a pond and whose rear property line is at the water line or is in the pond shall place fence along the top crown or top slope of land instead of rear property line. Odd shaped lots will follow the property lines enclosing the entire backyard.  
  • An open style black aluminum fence is allowed on any lot in the community. If a pool is involved, the fence may be a 4 foot or 4-1/2 foot open style black aluminum (pursuant to Green Cove  Springs regulations). (AG-I)
  • Open style black aluminum is the only fence style allowed on the golf course, lakes or ponds, or other bodies of water.
  • Open style black aluminum or shadowbox style fences (wood or vinyl) are allowed where the rear view is preserve or another home.

Revised 10/17/16


3. Basketball Goals (Portable and Permanent):

  • Residents may erect one portable basketball goal in a driveway provided that it does not create an unreasonable annoyance or unsafe condition and is maintained in good condition at all times; that is, it is free of a torn net, damaged backboard, bent rim, etc.
  • Permanent backboards must be approved by the Association. The application form submitted to the Architectural Committee must include a copy of the site plan showing the location of the backboard. Permanent basketball poles must be black or dark brown, and the backboard must be clear or white. Portable poles must be stored next to the house when not in use.

4. Play Sets:

  • Two copies of a site plan that shows the location of the play set and how the homeowner plans to landscape it so as to screen it from view must be submitted to the Architectural Committee. Play sets must be wooden in construction, preferably with dark colored (blue/green) accessories and located in the rear yard or side yard and screened with landscaping from neighboring homes and views across lakes. Also, a picture or brochure must be included with the submission that shows the design, size and colors.

5. Pools and Screen Enclosures:

  • All pools and screen enclosures require approval by the Architectural Committee prior to construction. Four complete sets of plans, furnished by the contractor, must be submitted. One set will be retained in the files and three returned. The enclosure frame must be black or bronze. Screens must be charcoal colored. Pool equipment must be screened from view with landscaping. If the pool is not screened, then the yard must be fenced in compliance with Architectural Committee Guidelines on fencing as contained herein.

6. Screen Enclosures:

  • Drop screen plans must be submitted to the Architectural Committee. The plans must show the elevations and the materials to be used. Black or bronze framing is required, with a charcoal screen.

7. Antennas:

  • Other than satellite dish and antenna receivers, no exterior radio or television aerial or antenna or any other exterior electronic or electric device of any kind shall be installed unless the Association has approved the location, size and design thereof and the necessity therefore.
  • For satellite dish and antenna receivers, an application must be submitted to the Architectural Committee with a site plan showing where the dish or antenna will be located and how it will be landscaped to buffer it from neighbors and the street.
  • Although FCC regulations allow individuals to have satellite dishes one meter in diameter or less, those regulations also permit homeowners' associations to enforce restrictions that do not restrict, impair, or unreasonably delay, or unreasonably increase the cost, of the installation of the dish or antenna.
  • In most cases the satellite dish or antenna can be mounted and landscaped so as to reduce its visual impact on neighboring homes, and we ask for your cooperation in doing that.


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