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Who we are:

The Magnolia Point Community Association (MPCA) is our community's statutory Homeowners' Association. It has been in existence since 1986. The Association is incorporated as a Florida Corporation Not For Profit.


The Association's purpose is to:

  • Provide for the maintenance and preservation of the roadways and common areas
  • Provide for the architectural control of the real property
  • Promote for the health, safety and welfare of the owners and residents within Magnolia Point

All present and future lot owners in Magnolia Point are mandatory members of the Association under the Florida Land Sales Act, and are subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements, and Restrictions, which runs with the land.

Magnolia Point will eventually have 974 lots.

Facts about Magnolia Point Community Association:

  • Magnolia Point Community Association owns over 100 acres of common area.
  • Much of the infrastructure was installed in 1984 – initial roads, drainage systems, and initial street lighting. These parts of the community are over 30 years old. This infrastructure has been maintained and kept in good condition by the Association.
  • Magnolia Point contains approximately 12 miles of roads with 11 miles of curbing owned and maintained by the MPCA.
  • Our drainage system (most of which is underground) includes 23 miles of storm water piping and 23 ponds which is maintained on a monthly basis by the MPCA.
  • The gatehouse building, gates, lighting systems, and signage are all owned and maintained by the Association.

Governing Documents:
The Governing Documents provide the legal authority for the Magnolia Point Community Association. Florida Statutes define the Governing Documents as: "The recorded Declaration of Covenants for a community, and all duly adopted and recorded amendments thereto; and the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Homeowners' Association, and any duly adopted amendments thereto." These documents for the Magnolia Point are: The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions, The Articles of Incorporation-(dated June 5, 1987), The Bylaws of Magnolia Point Community Association. Inc.- (updated December 10,2012), and Supplemental restrictions, Rules and Regulations published as part of the Magnolia Point Handbook. Current copies of each of these documents are available on the Governing Documents page of this site.

What We Do:
The Magnolia Point Community Association pursues the following activities, which are paid for from quarterly member assessments:

  • Preserving and enhancing the value of the Magnolia Point property.
  • Providing controlled access.
  • Maintaining and repairing the common property including paving, irrigation, landscaping, and drainage.
  • Lighting the roadways, replacing bulbs and maintaining wiring.
  • Maintaining, improving and operating drainage easements and facilities
  • Maintaining, repairing and replacing directional markers, signs and traffic control devices.
  • Paying all county taxes against the Association's common property and real property owned by the Association.
  • Provide community access to the recreational facilities (non-golf) of the privately owned Golf Club.
  • Accumulating reasonable reserve funds for the above.

Why We Do It:
Mandatory Homeowners' Associations like ours are common in the State of Florida, and are intended to: 

  • Promote the community concept.
  • Protect the community's property values.
  • Provide services to members.
  • Maintain land improvements such as drainage and roadways.

Several Florida Statutes address our community and our Association:
 Chapter 498, Land Sales Practices

  • Chapter 617, Florida Corporations Not for profit.
  • For Profit, Chapter 689, Conveyances of Land and Declaration of Trust.
  • Chapter 720, Homeowners' Associations.

The Association's Board of Directors has the statutory authority to enforce the Governing Documents. Each individual member of the Association has the same statutory authority.

How We Operate:
Like other corporations, our Association operates through the policies, decisions, and actions of its Board of Directors. The Association's day-to-day operations are professionally managed and committee-based.

  • Under Florida law, our community is of such a size that our Association requires certified professional Community Association Management. Our certified professional community association manager is Karen Gowen at Lifestyles Property Services.
  • The Board has established and chartered various operating committees of homeowner members to assist in reviewing policy and providing recommendations on key operating issues for the Association. These presently include the following committees:

    Access Control
    Community Liaison
    Rules Enforcement

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